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With the EasyLease program from Cisco Capital, you don't have to let limited cash flow stand in the way of deploying the state of the art network your business needs to compete and grow.

The Cisco EasyLease program has been designed specifically for small and medium sized businesses to finance your technology solutions, manage cash flow and take advantage of new Cisco technology with maximum flexibility and no upfront cost.

With straightforward, flexible terms, competitive rates and fast credit processing, Cisco Capital can help your business get the tools it needs to succeed.

The EasyLease Program offers:

  • Competitive pricing and flexible terms
  • Simple lease documents with flexible terms and options
  • Multiple end of lease options, including low cost purchase plans
  • Comprehensive solutions for Cisco based solutions

Why should I finance my technology with EasyLease?

Conserve capital budget
Predictable and manageable payments help to improve liquidity and preserve lines of credit.

Avoid technology obsolescence
A technology refresh option can be built into the leasing agreement allowing you to upgrade to the latest technology at a given point during the lease period.

Retain maximum flexibility
Implement the solution your business really needs, rather than what your budgets dictate, making sure that your technology stays refreshed and keeps pace with user needs.

Improve ROI
Improve return on investment and financial planning by simplifying your technology spend.

Why Financing?

  • Access to the right solution for your business - Financing is designed to provide you with the freedom to acquire the technology you need to grow your business as well as giving you the flexibility to react to changing market needs.
  • Ease the pressure on your budget and preserve your cash flow - Investing in the right technology without making a large capital expenditure enables you to invest valuable cash in other areas of your business to help drive success.
  • Plan and Pay for technology and technical support over time - Spreading the cost over time makes budgeting easier. Because your payments are more manageable, you’ll know exactly how much you'll be spending and when.

Why choose Cisco Capital EasyLease?

  • No nonsense 0% financing - Genuine 0% financing that enables you to invest in the right technology, whilst offering you peace of mind through regular, predictable payments.
  • Easy to use - With fast credit approvals, straightforward paperwork and terms, EasyLease financing is a simple way to fund a Cisco based solution for your business - from hardware and software, to services and support
  • More business flexibility - Including upgrade and refresh options and the option to take ownership of the equipment at the end of the lease term.
  • Backed by Cisco - Trusted finance from a robust and stable source

Cisco Capital EasyLease financing - The straightforward way to invest in the right technology for your business.

EasyLease 0% Financing program requirements
Maximum 0% interest lease agreement duration 36 months
Minimum deal size £1000 or EUR1000 ($1000 in Israel)
Maximum deal size £200,000 or EUR250,000 ($250,000 in Israel)
Minimum Cisco solution required (including Cisco hardware, software and services) 70%
Minimum Cisco hardware component 10%
Duration Order must be processed before close of business on 31 July 2012

Terms and conditions apply. Not available in all countries.

Download the EasyLease Program Overview in your preferred language version:

EasyLease Overview EasyLease for Small Businesses Overview


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